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Chill (3rd Edition)

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Chill (3rd Edition)
Genre: RPG - Fantasy
Publish Year: 2015
Dimensions: 9x11.5x1"
Restockable: Yes
Mfg. part #: IPRCHILL
Type: Hardcover


"Every one of us is weak: mere ants against the stalking giants that have brought us to our knees. Even when we work together, the Unknown is bigger than us, better armed, and better prepared for what’s to come. We have no real advantage, and our greatest victories have been nothing but the monsters toying with us before they descend to feast. Our fight is hopeless.

This is how we’re going to win. "

—Hayat Nejem, "How to SAVE the World"

The uneasy feeling that creeps up your spine as you walk down a darkened hallway. The way your footsteps echo oddly on a deserted street at night, as though there was someone walking somewhere behind you. The shape you see out of the corner of your eye when you’re home alone.

The Unknown lurks in the dark.

We all know it. Luckily, some of us use that knowledge to fight. The odds may be against us, but we can win.

  • Investigate the unknown.
  • Rescue the innocent.
  • Kill the monsters.

    Will you stand with us? Remember — SAVE is on your side.

    Chill 3rd Edition is an investigative horror roleplaying game about people who stand up against monsters, hunting down supernatural threats and protecting the world from the Unknown. You don’t have to be a superhero to be a member of SAVE; you just have to stand up and join us.