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Advanced Squad Leader Mega Collection #3 - 11 Complete Games!

By: Avalon Hill

Type: Collection

Product Line: Squad Leader & Advanced Squad Leader Parts & Collections (Avalon Hill)

Last Stocked on 2/19/2015

Product Info

Advanced Squad Leader Mega Collection #3 - 11 Complete Games!


Advanced Squad Leader sets the standard for tactical-level wargaming, and is uncontested as one of the most well-distributed, easily customized, and overall flexible and effective wargames systems to date. The endless variety that can be achieved with Advanced Squad Leader is second to none with scenarios provided by a multitude of sources and the possibility for personalized play makes the game literally infinite in its possibilities.

So what if you could get a massive collection of ASL materials so you can ramp your game up to its fullest glory for a life-long hobby that is both intellectually and social fulfilling at the same time? This opportunity is now within your reach. Included in this collection are dozens of maps and scenarios, and literally thousands of counters so that you will have the grandest assortment of tactical-level gaming at the ready in no time at all.
Eleven complete modules for ASL are included in this lot. Specific inclusions are as follows:

  • ASL Rulebook (1st Edition)
  • Beyond Valor
  • Code of Bushido
  • Croix De Guerre
  • Gung Ho!
  • Hollow Legions
  • Last Hurrah, The
  • Paratrooper
  • Partisan
  • Red Barricades
  • West of Alamein
  • Yanks

    All components from all listed sets are included including the maps, scenarios, terrain overlays, chapter pages and counters. Scenario cards have been sorted by number, counters have been sorted by faction and type. Also included are map Boards 1-9 as well as a bonus duplicate copy of 17.

    In total, the conditions of all included items are generally EX to NM with the exception of the boxes, which range from Fair+ to NM. All in all you can get the entire ASL game system in one fell swoop for a vast amount less than the separate components!
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