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Avalon Hill WWII Tank Battles Collection - 3 Games!

Avalon Hill WWII Tank Battles Collection - 3 Games!
Category: War Games
Sub Category: Popular War Games
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Type: Box Set


There are few weapons more iconic in 20th century warfare than those armored machines that rolled across the battlefields of WWII. A hallmark of the German military, the panzer divisions of the Nazi warmachine wreaked havoc not only upon the buildings and soldiers of the allies, but also on their hearts and minds. Fear was one of the axis power’s primary tools and it was encapsulated nowhere more acutely than in the tanks that rampaged across Europe and Africa.

Thanks to Avalon Hill, you can capture the heart of tank warfare from WWII with this collection of three game that put the players in the commander’s position in the famous battles of WWII. Recreate the battles on the eastern front, western front, and North Africa standing toe to toe with the overwhelming military might of the axis powers. Specific titles include:

  • Panzer Leader
  • PanzerBlitz
  • Tobruk

    Conditions range from Fair to VG+, with most being very well used. Can you outwit the historical tactics of Rommel’s Panzer Armee? Find out with the Avalon Hill WWII Tank Battles Collection!