Avalon Hill WWII Naval Collection - 5 Games!

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Product Line: War Games - World War II - Naval Combat (Avalon Hill)

Last Stocked on 5/22/2019

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Avalon Hill WWII Naval Collection - 5 Games!


The crash of the waves against the steel hull of the giant machines of WWII. This was the age when all-out Naval warfare saw its Zenith. Massive dreadnoughts like the Yamato prowled the pacific, hungry for lesser craft, while one of the pinnacle achievements in naval warfare rose to its prominent position: the aircraft carrier. And let not the specialist assassin of the seas be forgotten for its instrumental role in this decisive conflict, as submarines decimated all sides of the conflict. This is the naval warfare that has made its way into the heart of history and our cultural memory. These are naval battles of WWII and they have been brought to your tabletop by the masterful designers of Avalon Hill.

Fight the great battles of the greatest naval conflict of all time right on your kitchen table with these five Avalon Hill classics at your disposal. The action of Midway and the stealth and subterfuge of submarine warfare all recreated for your education and enjoyment. The specific titles included are:

  • Bismark (2nd Edition)
  • Submarine
  • U-Boat (2nd Printing)
  • Midway
  • War at sea

    Conditions range from Fair to VG+, with most titles being very well used. Fire the main battery and then its full-speed ahead with the Avalon Hill WWII Naval Collection!
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