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Brute Pusher

Brute Pusher
Product Line: Dark Age - Outcast
Product Note: 3 pcs.
Publish Year: 2013
Restockable: No
Mfg. part #: DAG5106
Type: Miniatures Pack


The physical frames of the Brutes do not bode well for fast movements or quick reaction times, and their plodding advances can sometimes spell their doom when encountering effective ranged warfare despite their projectile-stopping weaponry. The best way to overcome this stiffness of motion is to include a seasoned veteran amongst Brutes – the Brute Pusher. Having been through numerous engagements and survived, bearing the scars and the unflinching attitude to prove it, Brute Pushers are a driving force that leads groups of Brutes to battle. Both figuratively and literally, the Pusher drives the Brutes into the thick of things without fear.

Armed with a heavy chunk of scavenged materials lashed or spiked to a length of industrial chain the Brute Pusher can cave in a foe’s skull several paces away with a well-aimed swing, but the weapon’s utility is far greater than that of a bludgeon. A slaver might sting the backs of his slaves with a bullwhip, but even the thickest of leather scourges would be nearly useless against the thick skin and dense muscle of a Brute. Using the chain from his weapon to make up for their toughness, the Pusher reminds his brothers what slavery feels like; a brutal throwback to an earlier horrible era for the species. Brutes, when forced to question what fetters failure will bring, run that much faster toward any enemy to fight for their gang and the freedom it represents!

The Brute Pusher is a special elite unit that can be added to Outcasts forcelists, urging them relentlessly forward faster with harsh words and the crack of a chain link whip!

Unpainted figure, requires assembly. Comes with free unit card and premium plastic base.

Miniatures are supplied unpainted and assembly may be required.