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Manticores and Owlbears

By: Bardsong Studios

Type: CD

Product Line: Dan the Bard - Soundtracks

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Manticores and Owlbears
Daniel Marcotte
Publish Year
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Imagine a boy who loved two things above all else: Music and the RolePlaying Game known as Dungeons and Dragons. At the age of 10, this boy was introduced to both, and every free moment throughout all his years was spent furthering one or the other of these beloved pursuits. Over time, music became his career, and Dungeons and Dragons, his pastime. His goal was to become a bard, and nothing less would suffice.

This is me. Dan the Bard. With a lute in one hand and a dicebag in the other, he has followed the path of the wandering poet, musician, storyteller and musician. Whether he was a student or teacher or performer, his friends met every week to play their favorite RPG's. As the years passed, stories of their dearest characters, and every shared experience became a thread in their ongoing history of friendship and camaraderie. So overwhelmed with this joy, he wrote a song or two, then three or four. And before he knew it, he was singing these songs to every gamer he could find! The audience asked for more, and the result is this wonderful album, Manticores and Owlbears!

Manticores and Owlbears are songs about Dragons and the Dungeons in which they dwell!

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