Missile Defense 3-D

By: Sega

Type: Video Game

Product Line: Sega Master System - Games & Console

Last Stocked on 12/15/2015

Product Info

Missile Defense 3-D
NKG Part #
Video Game


The east and west are attacking! ICBM's and cruise missiles are flying, and it's your job to intercept them from a laser cannon positioned in space. You have 3 chances to save each city. Scene 1: Launch. Shoot as many as possible from their launch point. If you miss any, you can catch up with them in scene 2. Scene 2: However many you missed in the previous scene, you have another chance to shoot them down. If you miss them again, you have one final chance to catch them in scene 3. Scene 3: The City - This is the last chance. You must shoot them ALL down, if even one gets through, the game is over. The game starts off fairly easy, but quickly ramps up in speed and the number of missiles launched.

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