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Arcane Legions Collection - 140+ Units

By: Wells Expeditions

Type: Miniatures Box Set

Product Line: Arcane Legions

Last Stocked on 1/26/2015

Product Info

Arcane Legions Collection - 140+ Units
Product Line
NKG Part #
Miniatures Box Set


This Arcane Legions Collection includes:

  • 10x Front Line Legionary (1R01)
  • 20x Formation Legionary (1R02)
  • 10x Legionary Shieldbearer (1R03)
  • 10x Legionary Defender (1R04)
  • 20x Legionary Archer (1R05)
  • 10x Heavy Legionary (1R06)
  • 5x Roman Cavalry Charger (1R07)
  • 5x Roman Cavalry Lancer (1R08)
  • 4x Ursan Cataphract (1R09)


  • 1x Marcus Agrippa (1R10)
  • 1x Titus Petronius (1R12)
  • 1x Vercingetorix (1R13)
  • 1x Diviciacus (1R14)
  • 3x Priestess of Aesclipius (1R16)
  • 3x Infantry Centurion (1R19)
  • 3x Sagitarii Centurion (1R20)
  • 3x Druid (1R21)
  • 6x Minotaur Warrior (1R22)
  • 8x Iberian Wolf (1R25)
  • 1x Savros Kuznetzov (1M03)
  • 5x Shield Golem (1M05)
  • 3x Sword Golem (1M06)
  • 2x Minos (1R15)
  • 6x Priestess of Aesclipius (1R16)
  • 3x Infantry Centurion (1R19)
  • 3x Druid (1R21)

    Additional materials:

  • 1x Roman point-tracking card
  • 1x plastic Turning tool
  • 29x Large (rectangular) unit cards
  • 10x plastic Large unit trays
  • 11x Small (square) unit cards
  • 10x plastic Small unit trays

    That’s around 12 booster packs worth of figures including 53 rare figures!
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