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Klendathu Invasion

By: Mongoose Publishing

Type: Softcover

Product Line: Starship Troopers - The Miniatures Game - Core & Assorted

Last Stocked on 8/30/2020

Product Info

Klendathu Invasion
Matthew Sprange
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The first major supplement for the Starship Troopers miniatures game, the Klendathu Invasion provides everything you need to expand your games to include the disastrous Klendathu campaign, Mankind's first strike against the Arachnid's home world. Included in this book, you will find;

• The complete history of the invasion, including SICON reports on estimated bug strength and the changes made in the Mobile Infantry in the aftermath of disaster.

• A brand new army list covering Light Amour Troopers, the brave men who joined the massive Invasion Companies. Poorly equipped and sent to battle with only half the training of Cap Troopers, these guys nevertheless pack a heavy punch with their own unique weapons, access to Fleet assets and nukes!

• The Arachnid Response - full rules on the nasty tricks and ambushes the bugs employed on Klendathu, useable in any game.

• A complete campaign, allowing you to chart the progress of your Mobile Infantry company during the Invasion. Will you make it back to the Retrieval Boats or will you be stranded on a hostile alien world?

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