#24 "Starship Troopers Battle Report, Hyborian Pirate City"

By: Mongoose Publishing

Type: Magazine

Product Line: Signs & Portents Magazine (d20)

Last Stocked on 12/5/2019

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#24 "Starship Troopers Battle Report, Hyborian Pirate City"
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How To Paint A Cap Trooper – Mongoose painting guru and resident hippy Adrian Walters shows you how, with designer’s notes from Bob Naismith. After this you too can turn out competition quality miniatures every time!

The Desecration of Wulfar Zul, part 1 – A barbarian king lies dead, killed at the hands of brutal orcs. His bold people must return his body to his ancestral lands, despite the orcs’ attempts to stop them in this epic campaign for Mighty Armies

Tanker! – Matthew Sprange takes a look at the great new Arachnid behemoth, with some useful tactical advice on making the most of this nasty chap.

Mythos – It appeared some 30 years ago. At first, it only had a grip over a select few, but its influence has grown to engulf the hearts and minds of millions in every corner of the globe. Surely there can’t be anything sinister about the Internet…?

Selvache Reconnaissance – SICON have earmarked Selvache 3 for a forward listening post. The trouble is, the bugs got there first! Can Blackie’s Blackguards clear away the Arachnid effort or will a larger effort be required?

Derelict – A wrecked ship carries a vital secret. Unfortunately, two rival fleets are in a position to claim the drifting derelict and the prize it contains! It can mean only one thing – BATTLE! A new scenario for A Call to Arms awaits.

Tortage – The dreaded city of pirates marks another entry in Vincent Darlage’s series detailing great cities of the Hyborian Age, visiting the capital of the Barachan Isles and home to the Red Brotherhood.

Meat and Metal of Mega-City One – Cyborgs are a common site in the Blocks of the Big Meg, and many citizen have a little implant or fitting here and there. For some however, these accessories are far more worthwhile, and of course the street gangs of the city are always on the lookout for an edge.

The Children of the Black Wind – It is the turn of the twentieth century. All seems well in the quiet inn…until a mysterious, mutilated corpse is discovered nearby. It seems a savage, horrific murderer is on the loose! Part One of a huge scenario for OGL Horror.

Add in the usual mix of Jonny Nexus, Inside the Chainmail Bra and Design & Conquer and it’s another exciting issue of Signs & Portents, the magazine about which the legendary Gary Gygax said: ‘I was impressed with the quality of production, layout, art, and content. Congratulations!’

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