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#117 "Mutant Mayhem's Best Army, Man of Steel's Deck to Beat, Yu-Gi-Oh! Players Guides"

#117 "Mutant Mayhem's Best Army, Man of Steel's Deck to Beat, Yu-Gi-Oh! Players Guides"
Sub Category: RPG Magazines
Publish Year: 2004
Dimensions: 8.5x11x.2"
Restockable: No
Mfg. part #: WIP117
Type: Magazine


…and 139 other cards in our super-duper, ultra-exclusive, totally whack Magic: Unhinged visual players guide! You want hour upon hour of unprecedented entertainment? You got it; with every card pictured in its full glory, we guarantee you’ll still be spotting new jokes like “Suck on it, Stangg,” for months to come. Plus, we answer Magic’s most burning questions, like just what did happen to those “sex monkeys” on the Uktabi Orangutan card.

Face it. Most of us are lucky if we own one Arcbound Ravager, let alone four. What’s a cardflopper to do? Slide on in to Crazy Juzam’s own Honest Djinn Bucket Hut, where we take 10 of Magic’s most powerful decks ever and slash out valuable rares to make them affordable to the masses. From Psychatog to Fires, monoblue and monoblack control to white weenie and green stompy, we’ll put you behind the wheel of a tournament world-beater that’ll rock your local hobby shop and casual games alike. But hurry, at the bargain price of $4.99 ($6.99 for you hosers north of the border), the advice and entertainment is sure not to last!

They don’t call the latest Vs. TCG expansion “Man of Steel” for nothing, kiddies. Superman is definitely the man here, and we’ve got a Superman deck that’ll blow the lid straight off the competition. You want Supes, you got him, as in a whopping five different versions that can break the rules and play together. This creation lets you play enough copies of the iconic American superhero to repopulate Krypton, and you can only find it in InQuest.

We have no idea if 2004 was a great year for wine. What we do know and are itchin’ to share is that 2004 was one helluva year for gaming. ‘Twas the year of the ass (Magic: Unhinged), the Batmobile (Vs.), the booty (Pirates of the Spanish Main) and of girl games (Bratz, Star Sisterz). Big money—Magic pro David Williams’ $3.5 million World Series of Poker—and small money—the Big Bell Value Menu—also will live on. For everything worth remembering about the year that was, plus the greatest gifts for the gamer on your holiday shopping list, you wanna dial InQuest. PLUSAge of Destruction! An exclusive preview of MechWarrior’s brave new world.

Mad Crazy Yugi! Full players guide for Dark Beginning, Rise of Destiny and Soul of the Duelist. Plus a budget deck that kicks butt, sans Jinzo

Advance to Go, Collect $200! We go inside the Monopoly world championships.

Phat Strat: From Magic state champions to HeroClix: Mutant Mayhem’s first killer army to a sneak peek at Dragon Ball GT’s new world-beater, we’ve got all the strategy that’s fit to print…and even some that’s not!