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New & Rare Games Update – NKG Shipping Continues, New Worthington Games, Consim Restocks, Wildemount (5E), Gamma Quadrant, and Limitless Adventures!

We know that most of you are being affected by the Covid-19 virus and rather than subject you to another doom and gloom email about the horrors that lurk behind the corner, we want to share with you a few options to help keep your mind off of everything and give you something to occupy your time should you find yourself at home. Some of the ideas that our staff have come up with is to learn a game a day (which has been made feasible with the low prices of our Clearance and Discount sections), paint those unpainted miniatures that they’ve had sitting around, or buy a game or two that’s good for solo play. We’ve got plenty of family friendly and educational games to keep the kids learning and occupied as well! Below we have listed a few suggestions to help get you started. We are continuing to ship orders out daily and we have plenty of new games to update you on!

In War Games we have War Along the Great Lakes and Stalingrad Besieged from Worthington Games. We also have several new Worthington titles up for pre-order that are expected this summer. We just received restocks on The Hunted, The Hunters and Silent Victory, from Consim Press which are all new printings or new games about the war underneath the water in the German U-boats or US submarines.

New Role Playing Games include several new titles from Legendary Games for 5th Edition and Pathfinder, including Fighter’s Unlimited and Tome of Madness. From Wizards of the Coast, the new Explorer’s Guide to Wildemount hardcover book is here which is based on content from Critical Role. Modiphius has released Odyssey of the Dragon Lords for 5E and Gamma Quadrant for the Star Trek RPG. We’ve picked up a new publisher for us, called Limitless Adventures and are now carrying their RPG adventures and supplements. Check them out!

From Warlord Games, we have lots of miniatures for SPQR for Dacia & Sarmatia, new pilots for Blood Red Skies, and ships for Cruel Seas. Flames of War has new Command Cards, Unit Cards, new aviation box sets, along with a slew of preorders that are up for grabs. We also have lots of new terrain pieces from 4ground and Woodland Scenics both of which are great for adding those fantastic little details that can really make a game memorable!

Thanks for your support and let us know if we can help in your game search!

Happy Gaming,
Dan Leeder