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New & Rare Games Update – Monthly Giveaway! Mariposas, Sheriff of Nottingham 2nd Edition , New D&D Book! Trader’s Galaxy Game and Phalanx Consortium

Hello Everyone!

We've got lots of big releases coming up so now is a great time to reserve a copy for yourself. Among them is the Explorer's Guide to Wildemount, the newest addition to the DND 5E system, Sheriff of Nottingham (2nd Ed), which will include some of the already existing expansions in the box right off the bat, and Mariposas, a new game from the designer of Wingspan that allows you to compete for victory points with your very own flock of butterflies.

Bot War is a new mech based miniatures game produced by Trader's Galaxy. Other new miniatures you should look through includes The Phalanx Consortium's new Neo Tyrannis terrain sets which offer up some great options for modern architecture that you can add to your table.

New in wargames is a series of PDF driven titles by Firefight Games that are easy on the budget and will be delivered to your inbox within 1 business day of ordering. Classics abound with recent restocks for Saints in Armor by GMT Games and This Hallowed Ground by The Games.

For everything $15 dollars you spend, you qualify for an additional penny item that can be added to your order. It's a great way to try out adventures in a new system or get unique promo items to add to your collection. See our full selection right here!

Lastly, we are going to start hosting giveaways in our newsletter where we will be giving out 2 – $50 store credit gift certificates each month! Anyone who is subscribed to our newsletter will be automatically be entered to win so if you are reading this now, you are eligible! Make sure to keep up on our newsletter to check and see if you won! If you know a few gamers who would appreciate free games then be sure to send them this link so they can subscribe and have a chance to win as well!

Happy Gaming,
Dan Leeder