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New & Rare Games Christmas Update - Dune, V-Commandos, Terra Mystica, Pandemic, Turbo Dork Paints, Fungi of the Far Realms, Emberwind and Bard's Gate!

Hello Everyone!

Christmas is in the air and there's still plenty of wrapping to do! If you're still looking for that perfect gift then be sure to check out our boardgame section as they are a great way to help bring everyone together. Titles like Azul, Catan, and Pandemic are great games to start with but other big titles worth looking at include One Night games, Clank!, and Terra Mystica. This list could just keep on going as there are lots of amazing titles out there so click here to get started.

We've got fresh restocks of Dune and preorders available for the next expansion, Ixians & Tleilaxu Expansion which will be releasing in 2020. V-Commandos has just been released in it's 3rd printing along with the Resistance expansion. We've opened several bricks of Volos and Mordenkainens Foes so that you can get just the figure for your campaign.

New this week is Turbo Dork, a new manufacturer for high pigment paints which has full lines of beautiful metallic and colorshift paints. We also now carry handcrafted drinking horns from Touch of Modern. Emberwind is a new RPG made by Nomnivore Games and we have a new Deluxe Edition for Desert Fox from Decision Games.

Happy holidays everyone and we'll see you next time with our Christmas newsletter.

Happy Gaming,
Dan Leeder