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Dice, Dice and More Dice! Metallic Dice Games, Crit Hit Ceramics, Crystal Caste, and More!

Hello Everyone!

Noble Knight has a massive selection of dice manufacturers from around the world! We can help you with your journey through the vast ocean of dice as we take the scenic route through the aisles of arithmetic pebbles!

For those starting out, individual poly sets are great and for getting dice en masse, the pound o' dice from Chessex is a wonderful tool for supplying enough dice for a table or starting a collection from. Taking it a step further, you can find incredibly ornate dice with Q-Workshop, rare materials with Crystal Caste along with unique crystalline shaped dice, or bring it back down to earth with ceramic dice from Crit Hit Ceramics. You can even go further into the rabbit hole to find Skew Dice from companies like Dice Lab. We also carry Old School Dice, Koplow, Easy Roller Dice, Role 4 Initiative and many more! There are lots of great companies out there with all manner of different colors and styles so this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Have a particular set that you have your heart set on but we don't yet carry them? Let us know by sending us an email to nobleknight@nobleknight.com with the name of the set and manufacturer or a direct link to their website and we will reach out to the manufacturer on your behalf.

Happy Gaming,
Dan Leeder