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New & Rare Games Update - Ticket to Ride 15th Anniversary, Sorcerer, Bargain Quest, and Two Towers!

Hello Everyone!

Ticket to Ride has been a gaming classic for 15 years now and to celebrate, Days of Wonder has released a special 15th Anniversary Edition. We've brought on several titles that were spotlighted at Gen Con. Sorcerer is a great strategy card game with a dark fantasy theme that will keep you wanting to keep playing. Bargain Quest is fun light hearted game of adventure and capitalism. It's a fantastic title for introducing new gamers to the world of gaming while still containing plenty of substance for more experienced gamers. Preorders are available for the Traveller 5th Edition Core book which contains everything you need to get started in the award-winning Traveller science-fiction role-playing game system.

We've brought on some very rare titles this week. We have a copy of Two Towers made by Fantasy Games back in 1975. This is based on the clash between the forces of good and evil in Middle-earth during the Third Age and strongly emphasizes the strategic elements of the war for the ring. We also just brought on several copies of the Ravenloft Campaign Setting so if you are looking to round out your collection, now's the time!

We are happy to help so let us know how we can help you in your search!

Happy Gaming,
Dan Leeder