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New & Rare Games Update - V-Commandos is back! Frog God Games, A Pragmatic War, Dungeon Mag & more!

Hello Everyone!

Welcome to the latest update from Noble Knight Games. V-Commandos is a recipient of the Dice Tower Seal of Excellence and is a top tier title for cooperative wargaming that is now back in-stock! You can add even more variety to your V-Commandos game with the Resistance Expansion which is also back. Also in Wargames, A Pragmatic War by Compass Games is now here as well as Quatre Bras 1815, Last Eagles by Hexasim.

Other titles to look out for are Lords and Lands, a new book for the Witcher RPG which helps to flesh out the world and even allows you to play as a Noble! Frog God Games is the designer behind a new version Bunnies and Burrows which was originally published by Fantasy Games Unlimited in 1976. We have both the regular hardcover and limited edition leather version available. You can find new expansions for Conquest by Para Bellum Wargames, new army appropriate paint sets from AK Interactive, and also great terrain pieces that range from stadiums to farm equipment from TT Combat.

Classics titles are in and we have some of the very first issues of Dungeon Magazine that were ever printed. You can find issues #1-9 right here. We also have a copy of
Phil Pritchard's Lensman - The 1969 Classic Reborn. There's a lot more than what I can list here so you can see a full list of our recently added classics here!

We are happy to help so let us know how we can help you in your search!

Happy Gaming,
Dan Leeder