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New & Rare Games Update - Scale Bro Minis, War of the Spark, & Arkham Horror!" has been scheduled

Hello Everyone,

Welcome back to another week of gaming updates with us here at Noble Knight Games! We received in a new miniature line from Scale Bro Miniatures. Each figure has great detail etched into each mini and you can even find animal versions of everyone's favorite members of the Lord of the Rings cast! (Even certain wizards got their own makeovers). Memoir '44 has a New Flight Plan expansion which we have up for pre-order that allows you to add aerial elements to your game. For MTG, War of the Spark releases this Saturday! We have booster boxes up for pre-order now and we will have all the planeswalker decks, bundles and singles available for sale this Saturday.

For used games, we have a rare game called the Dark Chateau, a module for Yggsburgh from Troll Lord Games, that was originally printed back in 2005. Other titles include a massive lot for Arkham Horror that includes the base game and 8 expansions, and several copies of Runebound!

We're always happy to help so let us know if we can help in any way.

Happy Gaming,
Dan Leeder