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New Update Posted - Vurt, Starfinder, Star Trek Tactics, Trafalgar & Waterloo 1815, Megiddo, South China Sea, Axis & Allies Anniversary, Guild Ball

Hello everyone!

Welcome to the next new, used and rare games update from Noble Knight Games! Below you'll find new release highlights along with a link to the full newsletter.

Also if you are in the area or attending Gameholecon next weekend in Madison, WI, we will be hosting a small booth. Stop by and say hi! It's a great convention.

To view this week's update, please click on the Noble Knight Games logo to the upper left. Please note that this update will only be viewable until the next one is posted.

Happy gaming,
Aaron Leeder
Noble Knight Games

Role Playing Games

  • Heroes of the Advent Imperiax for Pathfinder by 4 Winds Fantasy Gaming
  • Rhovanian Region Guide for Adventures in Middle Earth (5e) from Cubicle Seven
  • Into Chaos for Legends of Time and Space by Dark City Games
  • Legendary Planet - Legendary Worlds, Calcarta, Carsis & Terminus for D&D 5e/Pathfinder, Treasury of the Machine for D&D 53, Legendary Hybrids - Skinchanger for Pathfinder & Legendary Planet - Legendary Worlds, Terminus for Starfinder
  • The Last Parsec (Collector's Box Set) from Pinnacle
  • Quantum Black (2nd Edition) from Quantum Black Games
  • Vurt the RPG - Core Rulebook from Ravendesk Games
  • Adventure Grid for D&D 5e from Wizards of the Coast

    Miniatures & Miniatures Games

  • Call Imogen - Function & RezX - Core Book for Aetherium from Anvil 8 Games
  • Barrier Set, Gas Tank, Objective Pack, Security Cache, Stairs Set, Structure Alpha, Ladder Pack, Outdoor Stairs Pack for Battle Hive Terrain, Infinity Weapons - ALEPH Combi Rifle, Haqqislam Rifle/Light Shotgun & more key chains from Customeeple
  • City Well, Industry Ruin #1, Cannon Emplacement, River w/90 Degree Bend & Way - Crossroads from ESLO Hobby
  • 1879 - Game Master's Guide for 1879 from FASA
  • Biologus Putrifier, Plague Marine Champion, Plague Marine Icon Bearer, Plague Marines, Guardians, Primaris Interceptors, Warhammer Underworld Shadespire, Garrek's Reavers Sleeves & Steelheart's Champions sleeves from Games Workshop
  • Romanian 76mm Anti-Tank Gun M1939, Romanion Command, Romanion HMG, Romanion Mortar, Romanion Rifle Squad A, Romanion Rifle Squad B & Romanion Sniper all in Summer Uniform for Iron Cross Miniatures from great Escape Games
  • Abyssal Behemoth, Congregation Arcanists, Congregation Gunfighters, Crossroads Cult, Dark Confederacy, Dracula Dice, Dracula's America Characters & more for Dracula's America, Centipede Demon, Ulterior Motives - Red Herrings I & II & Barbarian Wizard & Apprentice for Frostgrave from North Star Military Figures
  • Trencher Warcaster Lieutenant for Warmachine from Privateer Press
  • Horror - Booster Pack, Phantom Pack II, The Shadow Legacy, Sky Pirates #1 & #2, & Solo - Booster Pack for Pulp Alley from Pulp Alley Miniatures
  • Bart, Cal, Esme, Gil, Gus, Jack, Jaques, Lon, Lou, Max, Mel, Patch, Sandy, Tish, Tut, Van & Marthgrangul, Great Dragon from Reaper Miniatures
  • Star Trek - Tactics IV Booster Packs and Booster Cases & Star Trek - Tactics IV Starter Set from Wizkids

    Historical Miniatures

  • Fighting First - Command Cards, Armored Recon Patrol, M4 Sherman Tank Platoon & P-40 Warhawk from Battlefront Miniatures
  • Gotha G.IV for Luftwaffe 1946 from MSD Games
  • Battlegroup Overlord - Beyond the Breaches, M3 Stuart "Honey" Light Tank & M3 "Honey" Light Tank from Plastic Soldier Company

    Collectible Card Games

  • X Booster Pack Vol. 3 - Overturn! Thunder Empire!! Booster Boxes & Packs, X Trial Deck Vol. 3 Thunderous Warlords Alliance, Attack on Titan Vol. 2 Booster Boxes & Packs & Promo Playmat - Attack on Titan Vol. 2 from Bushiroad
  • Arrogant Swallowtail & Wings of Anger Starter Decks & Display Boxes from Force of Will
  • Super Premium Collection Ho-Oh, Team Skull Pin Collection, Mysterious Power Tin - Ho-Oh GX & Mysterious Power Tin - Necrozma-GX from Pokemon Company International
  • Vs. System - 2PCG - The Predator Battle Expansion from Upper Deck Entertainment
  • 2017 Gift Pack for Magic the Gathering from Wizards of the Coast

    War Games

  • Ships of the Line - Trafalgar 1805 & Waterloo 1815 - The Last Battle of Napoleon from Trafalgar Editions
  • 2nd Battle of Megiddo from The ADMW Game Company
  • South China Sea from Compass Games
  • Hot Stove 1 - The Mother of Battle, Hot Stove 2 - Point Men Tell No Tales, Hot Stove 3 - Hide and Seek ... and Stonk! & Hot Stove 4 - Pass the Word Up the Line for the Advanced Tobruk System from Critical Hit Games
  • The Creek, The Norman Keep & Siege Engines accessories from Cry Havoc Fan
  • Ancients (4th Edition), Arquebus, Holland '44, Unconditional Surrender! (2nd Printing) & Unconditional Surrender! - Mounted Map from GMT
  • Ancient History Magazine #12 "Practicing the Arts of Asclepius, Greek Gynaecology, Rome's Seven Hills" & Wargames, Soldiers & Strategy Magazine #92 "By Land and Sea Britain, Walcheren, Let's Play Flames of War" from Karwansaray Publishers
  • Game Journal #64 w/Shin-Sekigahara - Ieyasu versus Mitsunari from Simulation Journal
  • Wargames Illustrated #361 "The Cavalry, Odds Bodkins!, Maximillian 1934" from Stratagem Publications

    Board Games

  • Axis & Allies (2017 Anniversary Edition) from Avalon Hill
  • Bears vs Babies & Bears vs. Babies NSFW Expansion from AdMagic
  • Cutthroat Kingdoms from AEG
  • Murder of Crows (2nd Edition) from Atlas Games
  • Woo-Hoo! from Brain Games
  • Alien Entity from Braine Games
  • Noxford & Shadowrun - Zero Day from Catalyst Game Labs
  • Doctor Lucky's Mansion That is Haunted - Expansion Board from Cheapass Games
  • Inferno Guild Dice Pack for Arcadia Quest, Raise Your Goblets, Gamma Team Expansion, Gluttony Box & Wrath Box for The Others from CoolMiniOrNot (CMON)
  • Splinter - Hero Expansion Pack for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - Shadows of the Past from IDW Games
  • Aeon's End - War Eternal Expansion from Indie Boards & Cards
  • Apocrypha - Box One, The World from Lone Shark Games
  • King's Life from Pandasaurus Games
  • Zephyr - Winds of Change from Portal Games
  • Munchkin Apocalypse 2 - Sheep Impact, Guest Artist Edition from Steve Jackson Games
  • Game Day Pack for Star Realms Deck Building Game from White Wizard
  • X-Men First Class Booster 5-Pack, Gravity Feed Booster Box, Gravity Feed Booster Pack, Tomb of Annihilation & Tomb of Annihilation (Premium Edition) from WizKids

    Dice & Supplies

  • Guild Ball - Kick Off! Paint Set from The Army Painter
  • Line of Sight Markers in 25mm/32mm/40mm, Demoralized Markers, Flesh Wound Markers, Hidden Markers, Sprint Markers, Suppressed Markers & more from Customeeple
  • Defender of the Wall, Left Hand of the Emperor, Master of Secrets, Master of the High House of Light, Mistress of the Five Winds, Right Hand of the Emperor & The Soul of Shiba Playmats for Legend of the Five Rings from Fantasy Flight Games
  • Ruined Desert Walls from Gale Force Nine
  • Emoji & Purple Spots (5"x7") Dice Bags from Gallant Hand's Gamers Gear
  • Marble w/Blue, Marble w/Gold & Marble w/Purple 7 pc. Poly Sets from Metallic Dice Games
  • Counter Clippers - Deluxe Hand Held 2mm Radius from Oregon Laminations
  • Master Series Paint Set - Starter from Reaper Miniatures
  • Sea Dragon Shimmer w/White, Translucent Black w/White, Translucent Dark Blue w/Gold, Translucent Dark Green w/White, Translucent Dark Purple w/Gold & Translucent Orange w/White in 7 & 15 pc. Poly Sets from Role 4 Initiative
  • Heavy Metal Dice 7 pc. Poly Set & Commander 2017 - Feline Ferocity Card Sleeves from Ultra Pro
  • Deep Sky Model Air from Vallejo