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Travis Winstead - Business Lead and Game Development The WIN in Winsmith Games, I have always been an avid gamer since the middle school cafeteria days when I first started playing the Pokemon TCG and Magic: The Gathering. More recently, however, I’ve been trying to fill an entire basement full of board games! I’ve always had a dream of starting and owning my own business, so partnering with David (whom I’ve known since those middle school days) to form Winsmith Games seemed like the perfect way to fulfill that dream and work on a passion at the same time! David Smith - Lead Designer The SMITH in Winsmith Games, I’ve been designing games since a young age. As a kid, my brothers and I drew basic roll-and-move games on sheets of paper and made up rules for intensive day-long action figure wars. In middle school, I got into Magic, the Pokemon TCG, and D&D, where I enjoyed designing decks and characters. Once I got into board games, it didn’t take long to get bit by the design bug. To date, my Google Drive contains 18 games at varying stages of development!

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