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Stating Player hopes to introduce board gaming to more people via their board game designs, thereby creating more "Starting Players". "Starting Player" is also a common term used in board gaming, referring the player who starts the game or a round. It is interesting to note that different games have different rules to determine the starting player. Starting Player created a list exploring some of these rules. Their company name and logo focuses on what makes board gaming fun and enjoyable: People! Since taking up board gaming, many strangers have become their friends. They have also introduced this hobby to family and existing friends. Many a great time have been had together. To give their board games a unique identity, their logo will be used as part of the design for the starting player token/card in their board games.

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Three Kingdoms Redux

By: Starting Player

Stock #: STP001    Year: 2015

Type: Boxed Game

Product Line: Three Kingdoms Redux

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