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Starlog Group

Started in 1976 by Kerry O’Quinn and Norman Jacobs, Starlog paved the way for modern coverage of the sci-fi world. Offering the first looks to the fantastic in cinema, television and video game consoles, Starlog ruled the science fiction fanzine world for over 30 years. However, in 2009, Starlog went into radio silence, with its future remaining unsure. But as all sci-fi fans know, nothing ever truly dies in the realm of the incredible. So now, after 5 years of dormancy, Starlog is returning with a new look, new sensibility and a new perspective on their ever-changing zeitgeist. Thanks to Fangoria President Tom DeFeo, Fangoria Editor-in-Chief Chris Alexander and Starlog Web Editor Ken W. Hanley, Starlog lives again to usher in the brand for a new generation as well as those who grew up loving the magazine. Today, Starlog begins; first as a website, later to grow as a full-fledged online publication. They invite you to watch the, develop and mature as they provide you with exclusive columns, interviews and more, all the while keeping an eye on the past, present and future.

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