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Snarling Badger Games

The origin of Snarling Badger Games lies in an evening of gaming in the early 1990's. At that time, Adam Loper and Peter Spahos had just finished playing a role-playing game. It had been a rather eventful adventure that night, and the two were chatting about the experience. Eventually, discussion turned to another game (which will remain nameless) that the two had recently played – in particular its line of sight rules, which were contradictory and confusing. Having access to both the first and second edition rules, they found that instead of clarifying the rules in the second edition, the rules had become more confusing and contradictory. Finally, one of them said to the other, "You know, we could make a better game than this – or at least clearer rules." Thus, the idea to develop a game was planted in their minds. In addition to their academic endeavors and extracurricular activities, Adam and Peter now added game design to their schedules. Their discussions and play-testing resulted in a purely combat-oriented game using robots as gladiators. Players would create a 'Bot with the sole purpose of destroying its opponents in an arena. And so, BattleBots was born. As development progressed, Adam and Peter realized that it would not suffice to simply design a game. With much encouragement from their friends, they continued their endeavors with BattleBots and began to seek out possible publishers. To their dismay, they discovered various hurdles impeding the progress of becoming published by another company, especially when introducing your first product. Consequently, they decided to form a partnership and become their own publisher. They agreed to work on developing pocket games (or microgames). Somewhere along the way, Adam came up with the name and Snarling Badger Games joined the world of game publishers.

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By: Snarling Badger Games

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Zombie Rally

By: Snarling Badger Games

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