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SimplyFun is a young company with a big heart and even bigger dreams to make this world a better place through play. Their team of Playologists take pride in finding the perfect game that fits a family’s, classroom’s or occupation’s needs. Becoming a Playologist at SimplyFun means one can earn a significant income while making PLAY your life's work! As a Playologist you can personally contribute to the success of children and families everywhere, making a difference that will last a lifetime! It is often the smallest things that can hold a child back, like not understanding alphabet sequencing or place holder value in math. Down the road those early stumbling blocks turn into bigger issues such as "I don't like reading" or "I'm not good at math." How sad to hear children (and adults!) use those words. At SimplyFun, they want to give parents the opportunity to identify kids' challenges early. Family play allows parents to see where gaps may exist and take corrective action that help kids keep moving forward in their development.

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Type: Boxed Game
Stock #: SF111
Publish Year: 2014
Publisher: Simply Fun

Condition: NM
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