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Shield of Faith Studios

A long time ago in a suburban area by Chicago, the RPG writing bug bit a gamer. A certain gamer started writing games. At first, the games were primitive but entertaining and he showed them to other gamers at his church. A few of these other gamers encouraged the first to write more. After a while, the other gamers even began to write themselves to help with the projects. Such is how the Shield of Faith Studios began. At Shield of Faith Studios, their goal is to release Role-Playing Games and Game Supplements utilizing the PDF electronic format only to keep the purchase costs low and the material quality high. Our hopes are to introduce fine quality game materials for the gaming public based on their own game systems and for d20 System, owned by Wizards of the Coast, through the Open Gaming License.

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Umerican Survival Guide, The (Dive Cover)

By: Shield of Faith Studios

Stock #: CUBM5001D    Year: 2017

Type: Hardcover

Product Line: Role Playing Games (Shield of Faith Studios)

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