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Saga RPG love the whole role-playing game experience: story, artwork, mechanics, and, of course, game play. They design their products with both GMs and players in mind. Their aim is to give GMs the tools they need to run a game that will grab the players' attention, while giving those players lots of options that reward them by enhancing both story and game mechanics. Saga Roleplaying Games is based in the Puget Sound area of Washington State. At the heart of the company are just three guys who have gamed together for decades. They also use a host of artists and a few trusted friends who help them out in areas where they know they can do better. They know that role-playing is about hanging out with your friends, making jokes, slaying baddies, cutting deals with scheisters, and staying up way too late. If any of these things appeal to you, please pick up one of their products today. They LOVE making these games. Their hope is that you and your buddies have fun playing their games. Nothing would make them happier!

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