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Relentless Publishing

Relentless Publishing, LLC was founded December 20, 2005... ... but with a history of ideas and ideals preceeding that chill winter day by many years. Rooted in the Pacific Northwest, the Relentless team has since spread coast to coast and overseas. Yet their roots remain in Washington State. Creativity knows no bounds, and as that creativity grew from simple stories and game nights filled with laughter (some yelling) and pizza boxes to shelves and cabinets filled with binders and illustrations, their ambitions grew with it. And now they are entering the world stage, their once vague and fanciful dreams have become a burning passion to share the adventures they enjoyed with any others who seek the same camaraderie.

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Prophecy RPG

By: Relentless Publishing

Stock #: RPU1001    Year: 2007

Type: Box Set

Product Line: Prophecy RPG

Player's Manual

By: Relentless Publishing

Stock #: RPU1002    Year: 2008

Type: Softcover

Product Line: Prophecy RPG

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