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Real Wallachian Games

Real Wallachian Games is a publisher and distributor of board games. The company was formed in 2011, by the Romanians, Eugen Anghel, Elvis Balaci, Romeo Chitu, and Cosmin Anghel. The story of this team is one of will, inspiration, and opportunity. High quality of manufacturing, design and game standards will turn Real Wallachian Games into one of the most successful games producers over the next years. Real Wallachian Games will always be a guarantor for highest quality in board games, including both gameplay and components. This is the result of their strategy (they cooperate with specialists worldwide and ensure, by certified agreements, that their production conditions comply with their standards). They know what board games players are looking for, therefore their products are tested by target groups before entering the market. Their authors and staff are experts in their area and often themselves part of the target players for whom they think, write and create. Board games made by them are not only for momentary enjoyment, they might offer instant entertainment, but they are also long-lasting and enduring. The greatest satisfaction of Real Wallachian Games team, is to create and develop pleasent board games for consumers entertainment and fun.

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I am Vlad - Prince of Wallachia

By: Real Wallachian Games

Product Line: Board Games (Real Wallachian Games)

MSRP $110.00

(unpunched, cards sealed)

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