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Playus Maximus

Playus Maximus is a game company founded in 2003 by Nathan Abrashoff and Daniel Strain. Daniel and Nathan have been avid strategy, roleplaying, and computer gamers since the early 1980's. As a hobby, they would often design their own games and over the years have become very adept at creating fun and well-crafted games of all sorts. Now, we hope to bring these games to the public through Playus Maximus. In the future, we have a long line of strategy and adventure boardgames and roleplaying games in all sorts of genres, from fantasy to sci-fi, to anything else. As always, you will be able to keep up with our latest projects and order them here on this site, so if you like exciting gaming please keep in touch.

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Smugglers of the Galaxy

By: Playus Maximus

Stock #: PAX0001

Product Line: Smugglers of the Galaxy

MSRP $39.95

(components sealed)

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