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Never Peak Games

Never Peak Games wants only to create memorable games that players want to play again and again. They make their games in the hope that players have the types of moments that they reminisce about with their friends long after that game session is over. Never Peak Games was started in 2011 by Derak Morrell. It is a very small company looking to make its mark in the board and card game community. Currently, Derak is the only person involved with the company. Derak is a former video game designer with Sony Online Entertainment and has a BS in Business Administration from California Sate University, Long Beach.

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We Are Dead - Zombie Mall Massacre

By: Never Peak Games

Stock #: NPK001

Product Line: Board Games (Never Peak Games)

MSRP $34.99

(unpunched, cards sealed)

We Are Dead - Zombie Mall Massacre (Kickstarter Edition)

By: Never Peak Games

Product Line: Board Games (Never Peak Games)

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