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Modern Conflict Studies Group

Modern Conflict Studies Group LLC was founded by Joseph Miranda, Michael Anderson, and J. Bernhard Compton in 2007 for the express purpose of designing and publishing games dealing with current and hypothetical events. To that end, the trio dedicated themselves to the concept that in order to deal with modern realities in conflict, innovative and novel concepts founded upon solid research, underpinned by strong theoretical foundations were necessary. The three founding individuals each brought strong skill sets to the enterprise. Since it’s founding, MCSG has been recognized for its innovative approaches, and has been retained by the several branches of the department of defense for its expertise on wargame design, irregular warfare, and deterrence issues. Members of the group have delivered briefs at the US Department of State, the Army War College SAMS school, the Center for Army Analysis, and the Air Force Research Lab. MCSG has also been awarded a phase 1 SBIR contract for its innovative approach to modeling and training operations planners for fifth generation fighter aircraft. The company has also designed several innovative board wargames, including the acclaimed Millennium Wars Advanced system, which models modern operational combat, both symmetric and asymmetric. The system is noted for its inclusion of political cascading effects of various combat operations, and for its innovative approaches to modeling operations.

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Battle for Baghdad

By: Modern Conflict Studies Group

Stock #: OSSMCSG0900

Product Line: War Games (One Small Step)

MSRP $79.95


BCT Command - Kandahar, Joint Warfare in Afghanistan

By: Modern Conflict Studies Group

Stock #: OSSMCSG1301

Product Line: War Games (One Small Step)

MSRP $69.95

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