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A toy company unlike any other, Mezco combines humor and horror with action and adventure to produce the most sought after collectibles and toys on this (or any other) planet. Michael Markowitz (Mez), the President of Mezco, is the driving force behind all aspects of design and development. Working with the best talents in the toy industry, Mez conceives and directs each line from start to finish. Mezco Toyz will continue to be a driving force in the industry by developing both licensed properties and its own twisted concepts for years to come. Mezco Toyz was established in 2000, and has created toys for such licenses as Austin Powers: Goldmember, Run DMC, The Osbourne Family, Reservoir Dogs, and Popeye. Mezco Toyz has created a signature line called Mez-itz™, miniature block figures with tons of attitude, for such licenses as Dick Tracy, the Alien properties, the Predator properties and several others. Always expect the unexpected from this off beat, unique toy company.

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