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They have been making games on some level for years. They started by designing and producing very small quantities mainly for friends and personal use and eventually evolved to licensing out their games to other publishers. In 2009, they were approached by Sandstorm Productions to become one of their premier studios. Over the next year they published another 7 games. As a studio, they benefited from a much broader distribution and their games were generally well received by the gaming community. Unfortunately, Sandstorm grew a little too fast and Closet Nerd eventually became independent again. Luckily, the time at Sandstorm served as an incubator for a ton of new games that they will be producing either independently, or with publishing partners in the near future. From the beginning they wanted to make games that appealed to a slightly broader demographic than their typical gamer. They knew that there is a type of person that loves games, but isn’t a self-described gamer. If wthey make games for that guy, the gamers will enjoy them too, but it will open the door to a larger market. They wanted to appeal to the guy who isn’t necessarily on the chess team, but who know how to play chess. Closet Nerd brings euro-style gameplay, and beautiful design together to a broad audience for a unparalleled gaming experience.

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Type: Boxed Game
Stock #: PSINRD50100
Publish Year: 2010

Condition: EX
Condition Note: spotting on counters, unpunched, cards sealed
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