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Carnivore Games is dedicated to one goal: releasing high-quality roleplaying games, designed by gamers. Our first product, Now Playing, comes from our own desire to roleplay a variety of T.V. shows that do not have an RPG of their own. What we end up with is a very flexible, yet simple to learn and play, roleplaying game that lets people play their favorite shows, regardless of genre or setting. Almost daily, our playtesters have been coming up new shows to play. Writing the rulebook of an RPG is a special challenge. The book needs to nicely handle two important uses: the first-time read, and reference. When you buy an RPG, the best way to learn it would be to read the book through, either cover-to-cover, or at least by skimming over some of the details and reading in full the setting content. Because of this, the book must be written in a prose that's easy and comfortable to read... no one likes reading a textbook! From then on, however, you'll be using the book purely as a reference, to look up specific rules and get the quick answers that you need during gameplay. Many RPGs do a great job of handling one of these needs, but fall short on the other. Our goal is to write sourcebooks that fully satisfy both needs as fully as possible.

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Ghosts of the Lady Grace

By: Carnivore Games

Stock #: CVG1001-06

Product Line: Now Playing

MSRP $12.95

Recent Arrival

Now Playing

MSRP $35.00
$17.00 to $29.95

Now Playing

By: Carnivore Games

Stock #: CVG1000

Product Line: Now Playing

MSRP $35.00

Unexplained RPG, The

By: Carnivore Games

Stock #: GCVG0200

Product Line: Unexplained RPG, The

MSRP $29.99

(scuffed cover)

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