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Battle Hardened Games

Battle Hardened Games, Inc. was founded in 2013. They are located in Des Moines, IA. Their primary objective is the development, production, and sale of history games. Jason Huffman, president of Battle Hardened Games has loved history his entire life. He can remember picking up a book about this war from his library when he was a child and it totally capturing his imagination. To this day, he still love learning about wars throughout history. He has also loved playing board games and card games his entire life. Battle Hardened Games is his effort to combine his love of history with his love of gaming. His top priority is to deliver games that you’ll enjoy playing, whether you are a history fan or not. But he does hope that you will learn a little bit about history when playing their games. He also hopes that some educators will consider using their games as a framework for discussing history, particularly the leaders, battles, economics, and geography involved.

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1750 - Britain vs. France

By: Battle Hardened Games

Stock #: BHS001

Product Line: Board Games (Battle Hardened Games)

MSRP $45.00

(unpunched, cards sealed)

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