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Drawing on the talents of professionals from within and without the industry, Bad Axe Games has a twofold approach: Provide great game materials from a genuine players’ perspective, and maintain the most professional standards in writing, design, illustration, and production. There are a limited number of top-notch d20 publishers out there who are able to keep their gamer roots and still maintain the level of professionalism that customers demand. It’s important to love gaming, and to find the time to play as often as possible, to really understand the rules and the players’ needs. You don’t have to sacrifice your gamer’s soul or your professionalism-- they can co-exist. They have to, if you’re going to connect with your customers and deliver product that is both creative and rules compliant. The staff is equally committed to our motto, Games With Grit. We set the mood that the world is a dark and dangerous place-- then provide the rules to make it so. We keep things dark, stark, and focused on the character and the action-- two-fisted, kick-in-the-door gaming. That means delivering products with plenty of ‘crunchy bits’ for the players, and avoiding as much as possible the kind of syrupy ‘high fantasy’ prose that permeates some products. We believe the characters should define the world, not the other way around. Bad Axe Games was founded by a staff of dedicated gamers, which by happy circumstance also includes professional writers, illustrators, lawyers, web designers, business managers, editors, graphic designers, and more. Bad Axe Games draws on this pool of creative and technical talent to bring their products to market.

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Type: Hardcover
Stock #: S2PBAG03201
Author: Benjamin Durbin
Publish Year: 2004
Publisher: Badaxe Games

Condition: EX
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