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Anthropos Games

Anthropos Games is a small, indie partnership inhabiting Austin, Texas, and serving tabletop gamers all over the world. Their goal is to design and support a handful of role-playing games – each with a unique mechanic, realistic societies and ecologies, and a progressive perspective on the human experience. They want to make games for creative, adult gamers who crave environments outside the typical European fantasy tropes and stock science-fiction genres; who look for games with smart tactics, room for a good story, and immersive worlds; and who want to be a part of a new wave of tabletop role-playing games.

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Early Dark (1st Edition)

By: Anthropos Games

Stock #: EDX01

Product Line: Early Dark

MSRP $36.95

(#146 of 2000)


By: Anthropos Games

Product Line: Fantaji

MSRP $37.95

Kingpink - Darkness

By: Anthropos Games

Product Line: Kingpink

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