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Xiaolin Showdown

Xiaolin Showdown

The Xiaolin Showdown Trading Card Game creates epic warrior showdowns blending Kung Fu skills and magical Shen Gong Wu. Players battle with skills – such as Tiger Kick, Four-Grasp Punch and Eagle Claw – and obtain Shen Gong Wu often disguised as everyday household objects – such as the powerful Lunar Locket, the mysterious Orb of Tornami and the valuable Reversing Mirror. Each player begins with seven cards. After building a defense with skill points, either player may place a Shen Gong Wu in the Showdown Arena. Both players battle to win the item using the Shen Gong Wu they possess. The player whose Shen Gong Wu cards and power point cards add to the greatest number of Power Points wins the item. The first player to collect 4 Shen Gong Wu wins.

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