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Wizards & Gunslingers

Wizards & Gunslingers

Wizards & Gunslingers welcomes to a world where gun-toting lawmen battle side-by-side with wizards and warriors in a desolate unexplored land newly discovered by humans. The place is called Westrue and it's your duty to carve your niche however you see fit. So you want to be a gunfighter, a wizard, a thief? Do you want to be an evil villain or a hero who fights for right? Do you want to gamble and cause a ruckus while you make your fortune or do you want to be a business man that schemes and connives to become wealthy and powerful? Do you want to rob a train, blast open a bank, bring criminals to justice or explore unmapped wilderness? Now you can. Do whatever you want in Wizards and Gunslingers.

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