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WitchCraft (Eden Studios)

WitchCraft (Eden Studios)

Welcome to the world of CJ Carella's WitchCraft Roleplaying Game. It is a world very like our own but with a much darker side. The monsters and horrors that fill our legends and "fairy tales" walk the earth, hunting and using us for their own purposes. The spirits and vampyres, demons and angels, shapeshifters and things unimagined, all move through our world just as they have since time immemorial. And we have helped them remain hidden for we no longer believe in the unseen. But we are not powerless. The dark and evil are not the only unseen forces that remain in our world. The noble and divine exist here as well. There are those among us who have not forgotten that the horrors are real. Some still have the ability to draw upon the Essence of creation to fight back for the side of Order and Light. These are the men and women that you will play in this game, those chosen by fate or decision to walk the thin line between the darkness and the light. They are known as the Gifted, for they have re-discovered the power and ability to fight back using the magic and gods that have never really left us. Some use magic to bend the world to fit their will. Some use the powers of the mind to see and know and do things to carry them through both the small battles and the coming war. Even among the Mundane there are those who have seen the truth and chosen to give themselves to the fight.

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