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Weapons of the Gods

Weapons of the Gods

<b>The Place and Time:</b> A Mythic China that Never Was. It is a time nothing like our own, and yet, certain things remain the same. The landscape is full of conflict, in which everyone, no matter how small, plays a part. This is the time of Gods and monsters, heroes and heroines, ruthless warlords and the merely selfish and petty. But big or small, god or man, there are those things that tip the balance, and are craved by all. These are the Weapons of the Gods, pieces of the divine that offer their power to whomever is bold enough to take them up—or lucky enough to find. Come and enter the world of High 'Wu-xia' Fantasy, of Kung Fu Action. With five thousand years of mythology to draw upon, there's no shortage of adventure--for you to find your destiny and contend for the Weapons of the Gods. Weapons of the Gods is the first licensed roleplaying game to be published by Eos Press. Featuring a quick and cinematic rules system written for the wuxia genre, it will be easy to learn and fast to play, set in the fast-and-furious kung fu setting of Tony Wong’s popular comic series. The game features full-color art by the artist himself and a setting by the renowned writer Rebecca Borgstrom. It will not only be useful for playing in the world of the comics, but that of Chinese Mythological Fantasy itself!

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