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Warhammer Fantasy - Ogre Kingdoms - Loose Miniatures (Finecast)

Warhammer Fantasy - Ogre Kingdoms - Loose Miniatures (Finecast)

Ogres are big, ugly, brutish monsters that excel at two things: eating and fighting. An Ogre is easily recognised by his massive frame and boulder-like gut, but any that come across one would do well to stay out of its path, for an Ogre will, more often than not, club to death and messily devour any living thing it can catch. The sheer intimidation factor carried by a full army of Ogres is a weapon in itself. Facing unit upon unit of lumbering killing machines with packs of monsters led by some of the most potent characters in the Warhammer world is a daunting prospect, especially given the speed with which an Ogre closes on its enemy.

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