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Warhammer Fantasy - Novels - Assorted

Warhammer Fantasy - Novels - Assorted

The Empire is the largest realm of Men in the Warhammer world. The Emperor's powerful armies form the bastion that keeps the marauding Orcs and forces of Chaos from overrunning the Old World. The realm of the Empire is vast and contains a wide variety of different warriors, each with their own unique fighting style. However, for the most part, the Empire is the primary kingdom of mankind and they stand-fast against the forces of other races who wish to invade or destroy their people and their lands. Empire armies tend to be as diverse as their Generals. The choice of different troops to include in an Empire army is vast and in addition to the warriors of the Elector Counts, Empire armies may also include the powerful machinery of the Imperial College of Engineers in their ranks. There are few living armies in the Warhammer world who can stand in front of a charging Steam Tank or rush into the path of a Helblaster Volley Gun without feeling the cold sweat of fear run down their backs.

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