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Warhammer Fantasy - Lizardmen - Loose Miniatures (Metal)

Warhammer Fantasy - Lizardmen - Loose Miniatures (Metal)

Long before the rise of Elves, Dwarfs or Men, the Lizardmen existed in the oppressive depths of the steaming jungles. Coldly alien and enigmatic, their civilisation seeks to restore the order in the world that their Old One creators envisaged before their mysterious disappearance. They are a dangerous and powerful civilization, and any who enter their lands do so at their own peril. Although some accuse the Lizardmen as slow to react, or primitive, these reptilian warriors are savage combatants on the tabletop. Their natural ferocity, strength, and armor as well as the unmatched mastery of magic which the Slaan possess makes them devastating opponents for any army to face on the battlefield. The Lizardmen also possess a wide variety of troops, from fast-moving flyers, to aquatic and skirmishing scouts, to army-crushing monstrosities which make them more than a match for anything the more "civilized" races have to offer.

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