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Warhammer Fantasy - Dwarves - Loose Miniatures (Metal)

Warhammer Fantasy - Dwarves - Loose Miniatures (Metal)

Deep within the heart of the mountains, the Dwarfs have carved their ancient empire. Theirs is a sorrowful tale of a once-great empire which has slowly been worn down by the constant struggle against Goblins, Skaven and other foul races. Still they fight on, for such is the courage and resolve of these brave warriors that one day they truly believe that their empire will be great again. The Dwarfs are a stout race whose tough resolve makes them a difficult force to conquer. Their lack of speed is more than compensated by their stoic determination. Masters in the art of forging metals, they build great machines of destruction to rain death upon their foe before they reach the Dwarfs' line of defence, and if the enemy finally does assault the Dwarf formations, they will crash against a solid wall of armor.

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