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Warhammer Fantasy - Bretonnians

Warhammer Fantasy - Bretonnians

The knights of Bretonnia are feared and respected throughout the world. Men of valor and honor, they are exceptional warriors and guardians of their land that was founded upon the most heroic of ideals. In the name of the Lady of the Lake and for the glory of duke and king, they sweep aside evil on the field of battle, for none can stand against their glorious charge. A Bretonnian army will contain a mix of the best of the best, such as the Grail Knights and less than doughty troops, such as Bretonnian Men-At-Arms. It takes valiant and clever General to know where and when to strike with each part of his forces. Combine this with some truly unique troop types such as Pegasus Knights and the Grail Reliquae and Pilgrims, the enemies of the Lady will dread ever having taken to the field of battle.

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