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WWII Micro Armour - Russia - Aerosans (1:285)

GHQ is the only company that makes Micro Armour®. Gaming with Micro Armour® continues to allow wargamers to make the most of their available space. A Micro Armour® game takes only 1/9th of the space that the same 1/87th scale game would. Storage and transport are another major advantage of using Micro Armour®. An entire Micro Armour® company can be stored in a small box, such as our Bunker Box, which will then fit into a coat pocket. By using our new individual infantry, you can now game everything from a skirmish to a full divisional game in your home using the same GHQ miniatures.

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RF-8 & NKL-26 Aerosans


Stock #: GHQR62

Product Line: WWII Micro Armour - Russia - Aerosans (1:285)

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