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Uncharted Seas, The - Thaniras Elves (1:600)

Uncharted Seas, The - Thaniras Elves (1:600)

The Thaniras Elves are, without any shadow of a doubt, an aggressive race of warmongers. In the Old World the kingdom of this race is drawn together from the lands of three clans: the Lethrenn, Selethian and Canthus clans. The overall leader of the Thaniras Elves is Queen Frea Yaldoran, originally of the Selethian clan, who is fighting wars in the Old World against EVERY other race. War is second nature to the Thaniras Elves. From birth male offspring are chosen for combat and to die for their Queen is their ranked as their highest honor, and warriors show no fear when faced with death. In the Old World the Thaniras Elves are in direct conflict with the Tepes and Vaka of the Imperial State, as well as the dwarves of Venvalder and Delfdran. They have limited resources to exploit the Broad Blue, as their wealth and influence is focused on their invasion campaigns in the Old World. But this does not stop them from venturing to this new region. The Elven fleets in the region are essentially a scouting force and have only settled three small areas, including Trelang and Farl, but they have the advantage of requiring very little in the way of harbors or supplies. In their messages home their commanders are encouraging their clans to send more ships, promising land to conquer and riches to plunder. They have also indicated to the leaders of their clans that some of the denizens of the Broad Blue are skilled in arcane arts of magic that the Elves are not familiar with, in particular the Shroud Mages and Dragon Lords. At the moment the Thaniras Elves are not in a position to mount major invasions, but the Selethian clan has already raided Principia and Mysonnia, targeting temples and houses of learning in particular. They have kidnapped mages and wizards and tortured them for information, demanding that they surrender their knowledge. The Dragon Lords and Shroud Mages have responded by sending war fleets to track them down, and rousing their allies the Vyrdam Humans against the Elves. The Thaniras Elves have generally made a nuisance of themselves, as the Lethrenn clan has plundered timber that the Dragon Lords use to build their living ships, and the Canthus clan has hunted the lesser dragons that they use as riding mounts. The Thaniras Elves have therefore attacked three of the most important elements of Dragon Lord society: their mages, the living timber and the dragons. This is an insult that the Dragon Lords will not allow to go unpunished. The Thaniras Elves have also attacked the settlements of the Iron Dwarves and Imperial Navy, their fleets have sailed far and wide, ambushing lone ships at dusk or dawn, killing their crews and taking their supplies. The Thaniras Elves that sail on the Broad Blue are at war with everyone, and the sight of Elven ships on the horizon is often enough to strike fear into the hearts of their enemies.

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