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Uncharted Seas, The - Human Imperial Fleet (1:600)

Uncharted Seas, The - Human Imperial Fleet (1:600)

At the heart of the human way of life is the Imperial State. For hundreds of years the humans have increased their power base in the Old World using the might of their Imperial Armies to basically get whatever they wanted – which was normally more land, power and natural resources. The Imperial Council, which sits at the core, is controlled by five Houses and these are the Arkos, Corvinus, Tepes, Váka and Dragutin. These families of power offer up a representatives to the Imperial Council every five years, normally voted for by the senior nobles of each family, corruption is widespread and voting is commonly influenced by cash or the sharp end of a dagger. In the Old World an Overlord was then elected and this leader wielded the full might of the Imperial City. Since its arrival in The Uncharted Seas the power base of the Imperial Council has grown and now sits proudly at the heart of the human race, but it is an uneasy time for Humans. The five great families are free of the Old World, far from the Overlords influence and are now vying for even more power and land. Not only are they at odds with the other races of The Uncharted Seas, but the five families are at odds with one another. The arrival of the Dragon Lords could not have come at a worse time for the Humans, unable and unwilling to settle differences within their own kind, they are not powerful enough to face the danger of a Dragon Lord fleet. The first landmass settled by humans was named Armidia, their first major port named Landfall, but it did not take the families long to settle their own lands around Armidia. It was ships from the House Tepes that first encountered the Dragon Lords; a small expeditionary force was destroyed by a swift assault. The lone cruiser that survived the fight told tales of ferocious warriors and ‘living’ ships.

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