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Travelers, The (Wingnut Games)

Travelers, The (Wingnut Games)

The Travelers is a fantasy/comedy comic book about six friends who formed a club to fight monsters, but all the club ever seems to do is get them in trouble! What kind of trouble you say? Man, you ask a lot of questions. Okay, The Travelers exist in the Kingdom of Beastlyville and Beastlyville exists on an alternate Earth. On this Earth (actually called the planet Daiv), magic changed history. Julius Caesar stretched the Empire of Roma (the Roman Empire) all the way to North America. Then, in 591 A.D., the black plague hit Europe and the wizard Espito Fong invented the teleport spell. He teleported everyone to the New Realm (North America) about 800 years too early. Thus! Beastlyville and 11 other kingdoms were created from the old kingdoms of Europe. The old kingdoms were abandoned to the ogres, trolls and goblins, who, immune to the plague, flourished. There's a whole lot more. How much more you say? Read the comic, I say!

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